In the field of psychology, it is widely accepted that gender is a fluid concept that should not be dichotomized into binary duality of male and female. There are also concepts of LGBT+A: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Asexual. It implies that we could not categorize people who belong to these genders into the normative bracket.

Many people argued that the aforementioned idea is a western value that opposes our so-called eastern value. But, is it true that this concept is exclusivel western value that has nothing to do with any cultural value in our archipelago?

We know that ancient…

By : Andi Bulqis Safirah

Hi! Let me introduce myself. My name is Bulqis, but people affectionately called me Ucis. I will try not to ramble too much here, as I just want to share my concerns and anxieties.

For many years, I always think that we grew in the way our parents assigned us to be. We were taught to obey many rules; all of which were based on our age level, gender, and sex. There are limits we were not allowed to do as girls, and vice versa; limits that define our roles as a person. …

By : Daniel Aguira

Throughout our lives, we might have spent moments learning about history and cultures. There, we traverse through pages that describe the wonderful artistic development all over the world. Some documents helped us witness the knowledge pursuits of ancient Greeks, Iraqis, and Persians. We saw people working passionately in building their nations or kingdoms for centuries.

At simple glance, everything looked so diverse. Every single individual and nation offers something distinctive and unique. Yet if we try to find a single unifying pattern of all those endeavors of humanity, we will realize that those acts of humanity…

By: Diana

I am someone with lots of dreams. However, like being tied to a rope, my feet were afraid to even take a step forward, to reach those dreams. What annoys me most is the fact that the rope doesn’t actually exist; it is merely my negative thoughts wrapped around me.

Anxiety has made my steps short, even on several occasions, I just felt that I did not do anything at all, without taking any step further.
Over the years, I’ve studied patterns inside of myself and I realized that whenever I feel anxious, I tend to lock myself tightly…

In psychology, happiness goes by well-being, subjective well-being, happiness, etc. But, what exactly is ‘happiness’? A lot of people have a lot of definitions of happiness and well-being. Some say happiness is when we are loved by the people around us. Others say that happiness is when you are grateful for what you have in life.

Meanwhile, the APA Dictionary of Psychology (VandenBos, 2015) explained happiness as an emotion of joy, gladness, satisfaction, and well-being. …

By: St. Khadijah Kitta

“Parents always want their children to be the best” this sentence is certainly a positive thing desired by most parents. But one thing that is often forgotten is that to be the best requires a standard. The question is whose standards are used by most parents? Your child or other children?

If we use the standard other children such as the achievements of their peers or the achievements of their siblings, it is not uncommon for this to encourage parents to compare children with other children. Comparing is a general approach that is often used to…

Friends with Benefits: Dilemmas between Friendship, Love and Sexual Intimacy

Friends with benefits (FWB), are you familiar with the term? Or have you ever been in the relationship of such?

According to some literature studies, FWB or friends with benefits is a sexual relationship that occurs in the context of friendship between men and women, without any commitment that will lead to romantic relationships, such as dating or marriage. …

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